Financial Development

The accounting system of factoring operations

Complex business processes automatizaton, from the moment of contracts analysis to the deal closing, as well as maintenance, calculations automatizaton, commissions and other transactions to increase the speed and bank performance.

Single front-office system for the bank

The decision on the "single window” principle that allows bank employees to interact in one convenient user interface with the all back-systems.


Retail stores process automatization, for the real-time balances in warehouses/shop - windows accounting, the flow of incoming cash and non – cash payment, as well as control of all operations at the head office.

Mobile Application

Educational application for children

The application allows children to create their own playing and learning applications for mobile devices (Android, iOs).

Medicine accounting application

Metering medications on complex schedules appointments, timetable and reminding to take it. (Android, iOs, Blackberry).

Application for tattoo salons

The automated procedure of signing contract forms for conducting the procedure of tattoo (business logic depending on the geo location tattoo salon and age of the client, photo report, electronic signature, print the form and send to email address) (Android, iOs).

BigData Solutions

User`s profile

Automatic profiling and consumers segmenting. Import and analysis of external client`s databases, analyze demographic characteristics, conditions of the credit history and incomes, prediction of purchasing power. Visualizing data in PDF reports.

CloudBase Solutions

PaaS for mobile applications

Development of architecture and platform support for creating multi-platform applications and the introduction them on the market.

Platform to create advertising content

System that designed for the preparation and display multimedia information on – line in electronic devices (monitors, TV panel).

Web Development

Marketing Platform

Multi-tenant system, which allows marketers to acquire information about potential customers for marketing campaigns (demographic sample, interests, incomes, and other information about consumers).

On-line psychologist

Reservations for individual therapy for people who want to receive psychological assistance online (video calls with specialists, personal cabinet for recommendations, ability to pay for services).

Call center

System to confirm the contracts, which were concluded between consumers and utilities by third parties (designer scenarios of conversations, recording telephone calls, reports about the call center work).

System for planning lessons

That system was designed for schools and teachers to gain the automatization of planning lessons process and approval of school directions (design lesson plans, class schedule, a portal for students and parents).

System for pharmaceutical companies

It is a system for companies, which provide grants for cancer patient’s reimbursement (request forms, API integration with insurance companies).

Online Stores

Shop of a variety of consumer`s goods (order form, integration with billing systems).

Development and Integration of CRM

Remote care application for the old-aged people

Leisure organization, doctor`s visits, monitoring daily activities and vital signs (integration with motion sensors and gauges of life indicators) - portal for the family. Individual version for old-aged people.

Portal for dealers

Automatic order services and services for the installation of IP telephony (configurable value of goods and services, order form, electronic signature)

Integration with Salesforce

Automatic loading of customer data.

Processes automation for registration and recording patients in hospitals

Processes automatization for incoming patients, as well as automatizaton doctors’ schedules to optimize hospitals processes, reduce waiting time for patients and increase service`s quality.