Automation system for financial institution

The Backoffice is a software product for full automation of factoring operations of a financial institution that allows you to track terms of agreements, to automatically perform calculations on bonuses, fines, etc., issue invoices, record information in different application systems. A web application is designed to automate financial activities, organise operations, facilitate workflow, as well as to reduce operation time for processing contracts. The system allows you to shift the entire document into electronic form, and also produces various financial calculations and prepares documents independently, which reduces error rates, eliminates human error and reduces the time and financial costs to the institution.


.NET, JavaScript, SharePoint, OracleESB, MSSQL

The automation of the enterprise

CAD is a software product for the automation of the business processes of catering networks designed to control the execution of the various operations, to keep accounts of inventory items, to make a variety of analytical reports for forecasting and optimizing business activities. The desktop application is designed to fully automate all processes of catering enterprises, including the automation of processes for cooks, storekeepers, cashiers, etc The system keeps a detailed record of all inventory items (with the ability to control quantities down to a single gram), their planned and actual expenditure. The system can transmit the data of all transactions to the Central office in real time which allows the Manager of the enterprise to see the current situation at any specific time. There is a separate analytical reports module which allows you to analyze expenses and revenue, usage of goods and materials, so you can make accurate forecasts for future periods and plan expenses, etc.


.NET, WPF, RabbitMQ, MongoDB


The implementation of the platform for the online store, that allows you to aggregate vendors in one place in order to analyze information and manage content.



Electronic logbook

A software product that provides a unique opportunity to automate the maintenance of operational logs, to store and analyze the documentation of the duty shift of the enterprise. The OSS web application is designed to catalogue and present operational information in a manner that allows for easy analysis and preserves the interdependencies of key events. Some examples of such events are as follows: changing operational modes or equipment shutdown, automation activation, failures of the hardware or software information systems, operator commands, requests and inquiries from external parties and more. The logbook allows you to activate emergency operating procedures, procedure for planned work execution and shift handover by the operator command, while logging all actions of the operator and the operational team. The application has the following additional functions: a report on implementation practices, a report on electricity losses, SMS-reporting.


.NET, JavaScript, SQL Express

Goods Catalog of the Largest Online Store

Support and development of the integration tools for the catalogs of the Customer. Particularly the ETL processes for loading book catalogs in the format of "ONIX for Books" into the services library. "ONIX for Books" is a standardized specification of the metadata of books, including electronic ones, used to transfer them to publishers, distributors, wholesalers and service organizations, as well as to retail sales points in the supply chain.